Get 2 Free Hours Of I.T. Support To Diagnose Any I.T. Problem You Have

I want to send out one of my expert techs to your office to fix an I.T. problem that’s been plaguing you as a risk-free way of introducing our services to you

Wondering What You Can Do With 2 Hours Of Free I.T. Support?

  • Speed up computers to run efficiently
  • Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Share printers on multiple computers
  • Set up security and monitoring on remote computers
  • Implement Microsoft Teams or Slack to Improve Internal/External Communication
  • Configure Multiple Emails on Outlook
  • Share Printers on Multiple Computers
  • Extend Wi-Fi Coverage Areas
  • Run Windows Security Updates on Computers & Servers
  • Prevent Complete Data Loss in the Event of a Ransomware Infection
  • Configure new equipment (computers, printers, Wi-Fi)
  • Configure a secure password management portal
  • Upgrade Computers to Windows 11
  • Implement a Cost-Effective VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Phone system
  • Relocate Offices (Internet setup, cabling, network infrastructure, etc.)
  • Dual Monitors Setup to Maximize Productivity and Efficiency
  • Email/Spam Protection to Prevent Email Spoofing
  • Setup Network Scanning for Different Users
  • And much, much more!

Do You Have Ongoing I.T. Problems That Frustrate You And Your Team?

If you are a highly successful, results-oriented CEO who wants to focus your time, energy and money on growing your company, but find yourself constantly distracted and slowed down by chronic computer problems and incompetent I.T. support, then you probably don’t need us to tell you how frustrating that is.

Put us to the test!

Will You Allow Me To Send One Of My Expert I.T. Professionals To Your Office For FREE?

Why would I give away free I.T. support? Because my guess is that you’ve been disappointed, frustrated and possibly burned by other “so-called” I.T. experts in the past who never call you back, never seem to be able to fix things right the first time and require YOU to manage THEM.

That’s why I’d like to extend this offer to you!

I’m willing to bet 2 hours of my technician’s time that once you see how responsive, professional and competent our team is you’ll consider hiring us as your go-to, outsourced I.T. department. This offer comes with ZERO strings attached and no obligation to hire us.


Doing business with ServoPlex has been a pleasure. Adam Huskey and team are a great bunch to work with! They really know their stuff when it comes to eliminating annoying computer issues and making technology actually WORK for businesses.

John Smith President
Construction Company

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